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Release date: 06/14/2022

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • Improved stability and performance of boolean operations .

  • Fixed crashing issues with certain text fonts 3.

  • Improvements in edge rendering and edge selection.

  • Upgrades to CAD kernel.

  • Added beta version of parametric Gear to the shape library.

  • Several bug fixes to reduce crashes during CAD operations

  • Dashboard improvements.

Updates to dashboard

New dashboard layout does not change how parts are displayed. It only changes display of current project and relevant actions.


Project Selector sidebar

The project selector dialog is now replaced with a sidebar.


Clicking on 'Change Project' opens the sidebar.​


Managing Current Project

Menu options related to currently selected project appear on the single line just above the list of parts

  • Change Project: Opens the project list sidebar

  • Create Project  :  Is a drop-down menu with option to create parts project or custom shape project


Use menu options on the right to manage project. Click on 'More' to display additional options.

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