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  • Choose from library of built-in shapes (additive and subtractive) to speed up design. 

  • Use shape handles to quickly align shapes and use shape parameters to customize dimensions.

  • Sketch-extrude, Sketch-revolve (additive and subtractive), Lofting and bridging when built-in shapes won't cut it for you

  • Use SVG path to generate shapes by extruding or revolving

  • Use in-lined script using JavaScript API

  • Make your design parametric

  • Patterns - Linear and circular

  • Basic and advanced tools - fillet, chamfer, hollow, thicken, face-extrude, emboss, split region

  • Use regions to build-in modifier geometries to configure print properties (infill %, type etc)

  • Use manual analysis tools to ensure basic printability of parts. Automatic thickness analysis provides an additional insights

  • Import external geometries. Fix geometry and add removes features (thicken faces, removes holes, convert chamfers to fillets etc)

  • Create parametric custom shapes. These shapes are designed in the custom shape editor.

  • Built-in Assembly designer helps maintain the visual context of various parts during design

  • Export parts as 3MF, STL or as a ZIP file. Select regions to export. This helps during printing only the required sub-geometry during design-test cycle

  • *Built-in Slicer. Use the slicer to create print profiles and verify design aspects before printing

  • *Structural Analysis. Use structural analysis to drive lattice generation to create light weight parts


Custom Shapes

  • JavaScript API eliminates need to learn new programming language

  • Use Custom Shapes to extend built-in shape library

  • Use parameters to customize the custom shape 

  • Publish Custom shapes to the Content Library for sharing

  • A familiar programming environment based electron editor (Used by Visual Studio Code)

  • *Create script from existing part to make to tweak it further


  • Use integrated Sub-division editor to create free-form shapes

  • Move Face(s)

  • Extrude Face(s)

  • Rotate Faces(s)

  • Sub-divide all Faces(s)

  • Sub-divide selected Faces(s)

  • Move Edge(s)

  • Split Edge(s)

  • Scale Edge(s)

  • Shell Sub-divided shapes to create wrappers around other objects

* and more


  • Volume, Surface etc

  • Automated Wall Thickness Analysis

  • Wall Thickness Analysis based on printed method

  • Supported and Unsupported Wall Analysis

  • Pins and hole diameter

  • Check Overhangs 

  • Check Bridge distances

* and more

Design Reviews

  • Create design review request by inviting users

  • Supports multiple reviewers per design

  • Capture feedback right within the design environment avoiding import/export

* more to come

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